Leaning in

Leaning in and being held. This 1 on 1 online container will give you the holding to learn to hold yourself.

In 6 sessions you will learn the difference between leaning in, isolation, being carried and being supported. This will make the difference in trusting, thriving and not giving your power away.

Lean in

to yourself

Leaning in is the art of allowing yourself to trust the structures that hold you. Whether that’s a partner, the roof over your head, your internet service provider or your own capacity to regulate your nervous system.

Perhaps you’ve never learned this art form. Perhaps you have, but were hurt one too many time. Perhaps you never felt truly held by your father.

What is often called the father wound is SO much bigger than just the pains from the relationship with your physical father.

And just as the root is bigger, the effects are also bigger. It radiates out to everything masculine. That means everything that is supposed to hold you, give you structure, direction, safety and stability, both inside and outside of yourself.

Let’s re-learn the art of leaning in.

More more more

  • Reclaiming your independent power (without isolating yourself)
  • Opening yourself up fully to your dream partner
  • Learning to ask, and to receive everything you desire
  • Boundaries forged in love
  • Feeling strong when you need it
  • …and juicy when you want

This is for you if

  • You have your guard up but want to feel more love
  • You are often disappointed or frustrated by your partner, friends, family and work
  • You give it ALL you’ve got but it’s never good enough
  • You’re (sexually) frustrated…
  • … or you just don’t bother with sex anymore
  • You want your man, your friends, your family members and colleagues to change their ways

This is a healing journey. You will face whatever or whoever hurt you and find forgiveness in yourself. So you can let go and start to give yourself what you have been craving for. This will make you both more independent and more open to connect to other people at the same time.


  • Five 1.5 hours online sessions (English or Dutch)
  • The Leaning In Framework to help you better understand your patterns
  • Customized meditations
  • Extensive written recap and exercises after each session
  • Optional recording of the session
  • Free mini ebook How Polarity Works
  • Support through voice messages


Option 1:

I’m all in

No hassle, fully in, discounted

One time payment of 1500 euros

Option 2:


I commit to the full journey but want to spread the financial investment

Two payments of 800 euros

Option 3:


I feel stretched financially but I really want this journey and will make this work somehow

Three payments of 550 euros


all that holds you

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