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For men who are done f*cking around

Apply for 1 on 1 mentoring. Become The Integrated Lover.

No more: Unfulfilling relationships, premature ejaculation, numbing out with porn or substances, nice guy behavior and settling for mediocrity.

Say yes to: become the best lover to yourself and others, transform needy or toxic relationships to thriving, juicy unions and form healthy boundaries that support you in what you want to bring into the world.

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For men who are done f*cking around
Free for clients

Free for clients

‘Polarity in its most simple form is the magnetic push-pull dynamic that exists between two opposites. In this ebook I’ll show how that works and how understanding it can help achieve greater harmony, fulfillment and balance in yourself, your relationships and in group dynamics.’


  • WTF is polarity
  • The masculine & feminine in you
  • Polarity in relationships
  • Polarity in the world



Yes, YOU can feel held too

You were never meant to be so frustrated and angry but now that it’s here, let it guide you to feel all the places you were let down.

By men, by life, by yourself. 

It’s time to really learn to lean in to the masculine. 

I want to lean inI'm not sure if I can...
Yes, YOU can feel held too
Hi, I'm Sjoerd

Hi, I'm Sjoerd

Keep reading to learn more about me personally (and how to pronounce my name).
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