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Sjoerd Schotten

Embodiment expert.
Everything I do, whether that's breathwork,, NLP, meditation, teaching or cooking, it all aims to increase the flow of energy so you feel more in your body. Because that's where everything starts. Right there, in your own body.

Long reads on embodiment, relationships, polarity, sexuality and other things that might get me banned on socials

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The Integrated Lover

A 1 on 1 online coaching container for men.

Using embodiment practices from Tao and, breathwork and meditation you will learn to feel deeper and strongly hold yourself in all that comes up. This will give you the power to feel your desires and create the life you want.

Leaning in

A 1 on 1 online coaching container for women.

Held by strong masculine presence, so you can learn to lean in to yourself, feeling more grounded and alive in your body.


Sexual Empowerment Training

An online self-paced embodiment course for men.

Take life by the balls, learn to feel everything and
Supercharge Every. Fucking. Day.

How Polarity Works ebook collage


In this ebook I’ll show how polarity works and how understanding it can help achieve greater harmony, fulfillment and balance in yourself, your relationships and in group dynamics.

  • WTF is polarity
  • The masculine & feminine in you
  • Polarity in relationships
  • Polarity in the world


Long reads on s.ex.uality, and relationships (and special offers)