The Integrated Lover

This 1 on 1 coaching journey is focused on helping you feel deeper through powerful s.ex.ual embodiment. At the same time it will give you the structure to be able to actually experience everything that’s alive in you. To own your desires, to feel your boundaries and to penetrate the world with your gifts.

It’s time to

Feel deeper

When you become an Integrated Lover you are not at all worried about your performance between the sheets. In fact you will no longer be dependent on anybody else to fulfill any of your needs and desires.

And that independence and power to create your own life will make you magnetic and irresistible.

You will be the lover of life itself, enjoying every single step on your unique path, because you know you are nourished deeply by feeling everything.

Client experiences

You are fed up with

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Addiction to p0rn, smoking weed and other ways of numbing out
  • Secretly fantasizing
  • Not living up to your full potential
  • Being in a Nice Guy pattern
  • Constantly being friendzoned
  • Feeling empty and tired physically and mentally

This can be yours

  • Mindblowing climaxes with yourself and partners
  • Enjoying life fully
  • No more co-dependence
  • Attracting your ideal partner
  • Harnessing the full potential of s.xual energy
  • Feeling powerful and laser focused
  • Super solid boundaries

Five sessions in which you will go on a tailored journey to master your life through the power improving the intimate connection with yourself. From within the safety and privacy of your own home. Delving into the realms of polarity practice, integrating the lover archetype, finding your unique ejaculation frequency, learning to circulate your s.ual energy and transmuting it into life force, creativity and purpose.


  • Five 1.5 – 2 hours online sessions (English or Dutch)
  • Life changing embodiment practices
  • Customized meditations
  • Extensive written recap and exercises after each session
  • Optional recording of the session
  • A guided ‘edging’ challenge
  • Free mini ebook How Polarity Works
  • Support through voice messages


Option 1:

I’m all in

No hassle, fully in, discounted

One time payment of 1500 euros

Option 2:


I commit to the full journey but want to spread the financial investment

Two payments of 800 euros

Option 3:


I feel stretched financially but I really want this journey and will make this work somehow

Three payments of 550 euros


the integrated lover

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