Sexuality is something most men don’t learn. We literally just fuck around until death or until something breaks (relationship, health, career). And even if you want to learn, there are mostly women out there to teach you. That way you can learn most skills, but you won’t empower yourself. This course – created by men for men – will give you both.

Own your sexual needs. Start feeling your body.

I think every man should learn these tools’

– Coaching client Felix (30), Germany

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any live calls or things I need to plan?
We know you are busy so this training is designed so you can do everything at your own pace. There will be no live calls. The only thing you need to plan is your own date to start and then commit to it.
I don’t have a penis but I’d love to join!

Honestly, I’m not gonna check. So if you want to purchase this course have fun studying it go ahead. The results will be different of course… And if the course resonates and my work appeals to you, consider sharing a link with your partner, brother, father or co-worker. I also have new offerings for other genders. Have a look at my website or Instagram @universalcoachingnl for more info.

I have already started practicing non-ejaculation, is this for me?

Being in a dedicated container for 21 days with guided practices and deep teachings is sure to up-level your semen retention game. In fact I’m so sure that if you do all the practices and you don’t see any progress, you’ll get your money back.

I would love to participate but I’m too busy

No problem, just start when you’re ready. Know that the price for this course will go up, so maybe step in now if you’re interested. And too busy? Really? Maybe you’re right, but maybe you can look at your priorities.

I’m short on money right now, maybe some other time

Before you let finances say no, while you actually feel a yes, see if you can empower yourself to reach out to me to see what’s possible. I have created this course as a way to make this available to everybody and as such have kept the price very low. Maybe a brother can give or loan you the money? Asking for help is a way of taking charge.

Optional 1,5 hour coaching 1 on 1 with course creator Sjoerd

Add a discounted support call

‘Day 20. Self pleasure in total surrender. THIS is what I want.’

– Coaching client T. from Amsterdam

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