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Using breathwork, embodiment and mentoring to help you go deeper. In relating, in work, in life.

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New ebook: A beginners guide to polarity

ebook How Polarity Works

‘Polarity in its most simple form is the magnetic push-pull dynamic that exists between two opposites. In this ebook I’ll show how that works and how understanding it can help achieve greater harmony, fulfillment and balance in yourself, your relationships and in group dynamics.’


  • WTF is polarity
  • The masculine & feminine in you
  • Polarity in a partnership
  • Polarity on a larger scale
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What’s embodiment and why do I need it?

Disconnection from the body is making people sick. It’s the pain in your shoulders and lower back that is always there but that you’ve learned to ignore. It’s your unfulfilled desires and your deeply rooted sense of dissatisfaction with life. It’s your frustration about the world around you.

The cure for all of this is embodiment, in other words reconnecting with your body.

I am here to help you do that. And through embodiment help you get in touch with your feelings, your desires, your boundaries and your intuition.

If you really want to go all the way and work creating more structure, balance and steadiness in your life, mentoring is probably the way to go for you.

Breath work, mentoring, workshops and online courses

Can you feel the energy flow within yourself, between you and others and do you feel connected with the world? Flow of energy is the main pillar of all my work.

When something’s blocking the flow you can notice in your body. If you are open to actually feeling your feelings. This is something most people need to re-learn after growing up into a society where the mind is king and feelings als shunned.

If you’re experienced with breathwork or other embodiment practices a single session can be a great way to reconnect to yourself or to assist working on deeper themes within yourself. In most other cases more sessions are advised to go deeper.

If you really want to go all the way and work creating more structure, balance and steadiness in your life, mentoring is probably the way to go for you. This can be combined with breath work or other embodiment practices. Mentoring is also possible online.

I also organize workshops (eg on working with anger, shame and guilt), breathing circles and online courses and online group coaching. Follow me on Instagram to stay updated on these offerings.


Who is Sjoerd and what’s his vision?

I pinch myself every day to make sure that I’m not dreaming, because I am living my dream life. And what makes it even better is knowing that I created this reality.

I now know that I am here to help you go deeper: feel more, experience more pleasure, have more sense of direction in your life and feel more relaxation.

Reach out through Whatsapp or Instagram to contact me or book a free online exploration call through this link.

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