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Why breath work

Many people are stuck in their heads. Don’t get me wrong, thinking is great! It’s just not the best solution for everything. Enter breath work.

You also need to be able to feel and that’s where breath work comes in. Your intuition is infinitely faster and stronger than your thoughts could ever be.

Breath work helps you to bring awareness to what you feel. If you have little bodily awareness you can’t feel your boundaries, your wants and needs.

And that can lead to serious problems. Whether it’s at work, in your relationship or physically.

Book a free breath work session

You’re curious about breath work. You’re not yet sure what it is nor what it can do for you. If that’s you, it’s time to book a free (*) breathing session to find out! (Click on the Whatsapp-button.)

  • Beatiful location in Maarssen (between Amsterdam and near Utrecht)
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  • Free advise about follow-up sessions
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(*) Terms and conditions apply

Breathing coaching

Breathing coaching is suitable for you if you feel enough is enough and you are ready for changes. You want to take the next step professionally, in your relationship or in your personal development.

In a series of breathing sessions we shed some light on what you’re feeling, what’s holding you back and what your assets are.

  • Discover what you (don’t) want
  • Learn to make better choises
  • Embrace who you are and where you are in life
  • Experience how emotions can help you in life

Certified Breath Coach

Sjoerd has a mission and that is to connect people with their feelings. Not as opposed to the thinking, that holds many of us in it’s grip, but as a wondrous, effective and powerful addition to your life.

Working in journalism for 14 years taught Sjoerd many things, but in the end the daily hustle of the news room was no longer fulfilling. What remained was the will to work with people and to keep writing.

But it needed to be different than before.

After a number of physical, relational and professional setbacks it became clear what did not work anymore. What followed was a one year sabbatical with a quest to find purpose and a better, more healthy way to life.

Sjoerd is certified as a Holistic Coach and as a Breath Coach. He founded Universal Coaching in 2020. In his practises he uses several frameworks like polarity (masculine / feminine dynamics) and Jungian archetypes.

Want to know more, or ready to book a session? Click on the Whatsapp-button. Feel free to browse the Dutch pages for more information about what breath work can do for you.

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