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Breathwork has been gotten more and more popular lately and it’s great way to relax deeper and gain more focus. That’s why breathwork is very suitable for in company sessions or workshops or to try with a group of (new) friends in a breathing circle. Or go here for more info on 1 on 1 Body & Breathwork sessions.

What is breathwork?

Everybody breathes. It’s something everybody can do and that makes it one of the most accessible embodiment technologies available. Breathwork covers a huge variety of techniques to adapt your breathing to reach a desired result. Whether that’s deep relaxation to unwind after a long day, revitalising before an important meeting or releasing stuck emotions and so much more.

Breathwork can have tremendous physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual effects, depending on the technique, circumstances and personal factors. It can help you relax, roar with belly laughter, cry long held back tears or simply make you feel alive.

But whether you want more peace in your daily life, want to feel more productive at work or feel more confident in your relationships, breathwork can help you get it. And personally it has helped me greatly in my recovery from burn-out and anxiety attacks too.

Take a Breather: Breath Circles and Breathwork Workshops for companies

Breathing together will make you go deep together. This is true on many levels and in different circumstances. This makes breathwork a very suitable activity for teambuilding. Take a Breather is a special in company offering with two options.

The first is a series of up to three 1,5 hours full breathing sessions for separate groups or teams per day. This is a deep reset that will bring teams together in a profound way. The participants will be led in a structures and safe but deep so called connected breathing session.

Option 2 is a workshop style set-up. This aims to show, explain and have people experience different breathing techniques to help calm down their nervous systems or gain focus. These will be simple techniques they can employ on their own afterwards at work, or at home.

Breath circles for private groups or at events

A breathing circle is a group exercise where you join each other in a connected breathing session. This is a clearly structured, well explained, safe group exercise that offer a wide range of possible experienced that are very different for each individual.

In a general sense, the sessions are designed to get (stuck) energy moving. Likely you will feel revitalized and relaxed, but connected breathing sessions go deep and can stir up emotions and be felt on a physical level too. All will be guided extensively and professionally so you can relax and focus on breathing and feeling all that arises.

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