Personalized Body & Breathwork Session

Surrendering into relaxation by a combination of ceremony, mindfulness, massage, de-armoring and energetic work to open you up for a truly transformational breathwork session. This session will give you the energetic reset you crave.

A unique completely personalized blend of massage, breathwork and bodywork.

This is where you are taken to deeper layers you cannot reach on your own.

relax deeply

feel deeper

This is for you if you

  • Crave to surrender and relax fully
  • Want to open your body more
  • Feel stuck, painful or rigid
  • Can’t fully feel or control your sexual energy
  • Are ready to listen to your body’s wisdom

What to expect

Trained in Thai Yoga Massage, reiki and tantra, Sjoerd is first and foremost a deeply intuitive man. Within the parameters that will be discussed beforehand Sjoerd will touch, move, rock and sway the body in the way most beneficial for the flow of energy and for the intention you set during the tea ceremony. This may include working with softer, more primal or sexual energy.

These sessions are specifically designed to increase the flow of energy in your body. Most physical and mental problems are linked to stuck energy. It’s the reason for your headaches. It’s why you feel stuck in sex. It’s why you are anxious. Opening up these energetic blockages can create big shifts in how you feel for days or even weeks to come, depending on how you integrate the session.

Give yourself the gift of receiving. Of being opened, being moved, being touched and being held through your exploration of deeper layers. All you have to do is show up and keep breathing.


250 euros

In a beautiful yurt just outside Deventer, NL

Duration: 3 hours